Adehyeman music institute allows musicians who would like to pursue a music career to achieve their dreams by signing up for the various music programs. Each Course covers various models that contain series of lessons that comprise the introduction of content, virtual demonstration of that content, and repeated opportunity to practice that content, along with a quiz per lesson, exam per module, and final exam at the end of the course.


Music Theory

Duration: Twelve months

Age: 7+

Schedule: Online / On-campus

Course Description:

Music theory is a practical subject that is central to performance and composition. This course will expose students to musical literacy, which will form a key part of a rounded education for performers, composers and listeners. The Music theory program will involve understanding how written symbols relate to music elements and how to interpret and transform them into sounds. Also, it will empower the student to communicate and experience music in a meaningful way.

Module 1
  • Basic Tools of Music
  • Theory of Keyboard
Module 2
  • Note Values
  • Time in Music
Module 3
  • Construction of Scales
  • Modes
  • Intervals
Module 4
  • Triads
Module 5
  • Phrases and Cadences
Module 6
  • Harmonic rules and Concept
Module 7
  • Secondary Seventh Chords
  • Transposition
  • Melody writing
  • Dynamics, Symbols and Abbreviation in music
  • Musical terms

Practical performance

(Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Piano, Voice, Guitar and Percussion)

Duration: Twelve months to Thirty-Six months

Age:  7+

Schedule: Online / On-campus

Course Description

Do you want to be a great music performer? Do you want to learn a musical instrument? Sign on this practical performance course. The course takes students through intensive practical music performance training. At the end of this course, students will be able to read sheet music.


  1. Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
  2. Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, and Bassoon
  3. Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba
  4. Piano, Keyboard, Organ
  5. Vocal
  6. Guitar
  7. Marching drumsGlockenspiel
Module 1
  • Instrument handling
  • Playing technique I
  • Basic Theory of music
  • Fingering technique
Module 2
  • Playing technique II
  • Basic Sheet reading
Module 3
  • Practical performance (Grade 1 to 3)
Module 4
  • Practical performance (Grade 4 to 8)
Module 5
  • Practical performance (Advanced)

African Music and Dance

Duration: Three months to six months

Age:  7+

Schedule:  On-campus

Course Description:

This course takes students through intensive theory and practical training in Traditional African music and dance from various parts of Africa, most especially Ghana. Each student can choose between various African Instruments (Xylophone, Seprewa, Kora, Atenteben, African Drum, etc.) as a major Instrument.

Module 1
  • Traditional African music literature
  • Classification of African instruments
Module 2
  • Literature, songs and dance movement of selected traditional dances.
Module 3
  • Dance directing ( age 12+)

Music History and Appreciation 

Duration: Six months to twelve months

Age:  12+

Schedule: Online / On-campus

Course Description:

In this course, students will be taken through music history and various functionalities in music to improve their understanding and appreciation for all types of music. The course covers various music history and core musical elements such as melody, rhythm, harmony, form, and texture. Students apply their understanding of the various elements of music to appreciate art music, popular music, and traditional music throughout the course.

Module 1  – Music literacy and Aural training
  • Melody: Musical line
    Rhythm and meter: Musical Time
  • Harmony: Musical space
    The organization of musical sounds: The formation of major and minor scales, Diatonic and Chromatic scales, other scale types.
  • Musical texture
  • Musical form
  • Musical expression: Tempo and Dynamics
  • Voices and musical instruments: Classification
  • Ensembles
Module 2 – Art Music 
  • Medieval and Rennaissance Music
  • Music of the Baroque period
  • Music of the classical period
  • Music of the Romatic period
  • 20th-century music
Module 3 – Popular music
  • Popular music in Africa  (Highlife, Juju, Soukous,Benga beat, Mbakanga, etc.)
  • Popular music in America (Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Bebop etc.)
  • Contemporary Gospel music
Module 4 – Traditional music
  • Traditional music in Africa
  • Traditional music in Asia

Band/Choir Directing

Duration: Four months to nine months

Age:  16+

Schedule: Online / On-campus

Course Description

The course is designed to equip our student-musicians with general and standard musical techniques and extra-musical qualities, which will prepare them to assume leadership roles as an effective Band or Choir Director/Conductor. Students will acquire basic knowledge to enable them to start their own band or choir through this course.

Module 1
  • Introduction and basic definition of types and categories of Band/Choral ensembles.
  • Recruitment of members and assigning instruments quality requirements, Screening, Audition, instrument acquisition etc.
  • Starting a choir/Band
    Voice/Instrumental Coaching
Module 2
  • Band/Choir discipline
    Rehearsal Technique
  • Conducting and Practice
Module 3
  • Performance Techniques
  • Performance practice; performance etiquette
  • Practical demonstration and rehearsal sessions
  • External performance practice
Module 4
  • Choir directing (Contemporary/Choral)
  • Pop Band directing
  • Military/Brass band directing

Music Technology, Arranging and Orchestration

Duration: Six months

Age:  16+

Schedule: Online / On-campus

Course Description

This course will provide an informative and comprehensive introduction to various music software such as finale notation software, Sibelius software. Additionally, the course will introduce students to arranging and orchestrating pieces for band or choir.

Module 1
  • Practical lessons on
  • Finale Music software
  • Sebelius
  • Cubase
Module 2
  • Orchestration
Module 3
  • Arranging for Band/Choir

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