• Are you ready to develop your own business as a Music Producer and a DJ?
  • Are you seeking to apply your acquired knowledge and skills in the Ghanaian Hi-Life Music Production and DJing industry settings?
  • Gain meaningful employment in the music industry as Music Producers and DJs or
  • Have an idea for a new song or writing a song, and want to record.

Then, you have found the answer with Adehyeman Music School and Studios.

Adehyeman Music School and Studios offer the following programs:


Adehyeman Music Production program provides an opportunity for experienced music artists seeking for an opportunity to develop an original album with advanced mixing and mastering techniques, or a talented new artist seeking to explore the fundamentals of music production and develop skills to cultivate a creative flow in the studio and beyond.
Adehyeman music studios have a variety of music production programs to match your skill level and time commitment. The program cuts across all levels of music production, from intro to advanced, and comes with mentorship hours. The program brings aspiring music producers together to learn core skills required in the Ghanaian Hi-Life, reggae and other contemporary music production industry.

  • Introductory Online Program

You will explore what it takes to produce original music in the introductory through the online program. For the next 12 weeks, you will work through HD video lessons covering the fundamentals of Adehyeman, music production and song arrangement.
Adehyeman Music Studios will provide you with online feedback on your music assignments, as well as a personal mentor to work 1-on-1 with you on your original music. This introductory course works as a standalone module or as a stepping stone into the Adehyeman Full Music Production program.

  • Advanced Program – Online and In-Person Program

Advanced mixing and mastering techniques


Adehyeman DJing program offers the opportunity to Musicians to familiarize with various equipment and techniques used in DJing settings and apply their music development skills in a practical DJing setting by joining experienced Instructors at a live DJing engagement.

Adehyeman, Vocal Artist program, provides opportunities for experienced and new artists to develop their vocal skills and techniques to become better singers, songwriters, and performers. The program will help train Artists in their hearing and expand their vocal range with personalized vocal development and singing lessons from a professional vocal coach. Adehyeman Vocal Artist Program will also help singers hone their music production skills and collaborate with others to create original, commercial-grade music.

Adehyeman Music Business Program provides an opportunity for new and experienced Artists to master the art of succeeding in the music business. Learn the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to manage an artist in the entertainment industry successfully.
You will be able to navigate the different types of agreements in the industry and learn how to help artists translate skills in the studio to successful music tours, build formidable networks in the music industry with an internship opportunity that puts theoretical concepts to use in the real world.
You will learn the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully develop, launch and manage an artist in the entertainment industry. Tap into Adehyeman talent as you master collaborations and discover how to help artists translate magic in the studio to touring success. You will also apply music business concepts to real-world challenges with an internship in the music industry.